Return to Vice City With 10th Anniversary Trailer


The last-gen classic Grand Theft Auto: Vice City makes its way to iOS and Android next week.

Man, remember the 1980s? Well, okay, I really don’t because that’s when I was born, but I do remember Grand Theft Auto: Vice City‘s take on the decade. The setting, clothes, and soundtrack full of 80s hits–oh yeah, and the whole stealing cars thing–made Vice City a huge hit when it launched in 2002. Ten years later, it’s coming back in handheld and tablet form, and Rockstar Games has a new trailer to celebrate.

The anniversary trailer features a lot of familiar gameplay moments, as well as the series’ trademark vehicles and weapons. If the video has you jonesing for an 80s-style GTA fix, you don’t have long to wait; Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be out for iOS and Android devices on December 6.

This trailer makes me pretty nostalgic–those cars! The Hawaiian shirts! The blocky hands of last-gen games! It’s hard to believe Vice City is ten years old, and even harder to believe that the groundbreaking game I used to play on my brand-new PS2 can now be played on my phone.

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