Reuters: US Consumers Prefer PS4


The numbers get even more intriguing when you talk to the under-40 crowd.

The PS4 will go head to head with the Xbox One in November – just in time for those all-important Christmas shopping days = and the question both manufacturers are puzzling over is, which will be the better seller? Will the $100 price tag difference sway hearts and minds, or will American consumers stay loyal to the Xbox? A recent Reuters poll suggests that, at least in the States, consumers are choosing Sony’s PS4 over the Xbox One, by a fairly healthy margin. Of 1,297 people polled, 27% said they were likely to purchase the PS4 when it becomes available, as opposed to 15% who prefer the Xbox One.

But what about the under-40 crowd, the ones most eager for a gaming console? Of those 408, 40% go for the PS4, and only 27% for the Xbox One. Mind you, that’s assuming they go for anything at all. One other highlight of this poll was the number of people who weren’t keen on buying any console, at least not right away. Maybe after the Christmas rush, or once a few titles are out, but for 64% of the 1,297 total, a new console generation meant nothing. It didn’t matter what choices were on offer – even the Steam box – these consumers aren’t about to shell out for a game system this Christmas.

Some of you will have already made your choice – probably also made your preorder – but for the rest, if Reuters is to be believed, you’ll be sitting on your hands this year. If so, that spells very bad news for the console makers; good sales are the gift Microsoft and Sony really need come December.

Source: Reuters

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