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The “Harry Podder” show was found via search in iTunes, and features some news and other bits of interest. Show notes are available (the notes are links to news stories of interest), with brief summaries at the link.

General information:; [email protected] is the contact address.

Harry Podder
Episode reviewed: Love Potions, Lycanthropy, and Letters
Date episode released: 09-05-2005
Length: 9:37
Frequency: Weekly, more or less
This podcast focuses on news, supplemented with plenty of fictional news.

This episode featured some current news at the time of broadcast, and some other items of interest.

Sound quality: 3.5 (it didn’t vary much)
Broadcaster quality: 3.5 (the broadcasters worked well together)
Content: 3.5 (a bit more creative than average)
Overall score: 10.5

Comments: This broadcast is stronger on made up stuff than it is on real things (but it could have been a slow week). The acting went a bit overboard at times, but the content is short and definitely appropriate for a younger audience. Not bad.

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