Ridley Scott’s Alien Re-Imagined as 1950s Sci-Fi


Artist Jake Locket imagines what sci-fi classic Alien would look like if it was made in the 50s.

Ridley Scott’s science fiction/thriller classic Alien hit theaters in 1979, propelling actress Sigourney Weaver into the spotlight and kick-starting a whole franchise. One of Alien‘s most recognizable features is its gritty, bulky late 70s technology and industry, which together with films like Terminator and Blade Runner created the “tech noir” genre. But what if Alien came thirty years earlier?

Artist Jake Lockett has imagined just that, re-imagining some of Alien‘s most iconic scenes in the style of those cheesy 1950s sci-fi b-movies.

Check them out below:

Images used with permission.

If you liked these, you can check out more of Lockett’s work on his portfolio website, although this appears to be the only “re-imagining of a film in a different decade” style piece.

Source: Jake Lockett

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