Rise of the Triad Pre-order Includes Dark War


The pre-order for Apogee’s Rise of the Triad remake bundles another four gaming classics filled with digital gibs.

If you grew up in the era of Doom-styled shooters, Rise of the Triad: Dark War should bring back fond memories. Even if you got fed up with those spinning blades and moving platforms, the game’s iconic weapons and over-the-top violence helped it stand out from the crowd while making “gibs” part of gaming vernacular. This gives fans high hopes for Apogee’s upcoming remake, which promises to bring the same old-school action to Unreal Engine 3. If you wanted to try out Dark War first though, Apogee still has you covered. The publisher is throwing in a free copy of The Apogee Throwback Pack with every pre-order, bundling the original gib-filled title with three other classic shooters.

Beyond Dark War itself, the Throwback Pack includes Extreme Rise of the Triad, an expansion that adds 42 levels to the original game. If that’s not enough for you, the Pack is rounded off with Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Black Stone: Planet Strike, the two Apogee shooters that immediately followed Wolfenstein 3D. Combined, these games should tide players until July 31st, the official release date for the new Rise of the Triad.

Rise of the Triad can be pre-ordered today from the Apogee Store, Steam,, and Green Man Gaming.

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