Robotic Boogaloo Is TF2’s First Community-Created Update


The update drops all pretense of TF2 having been an FPS at some point in its life, and simply adds 57 new hats to the popular war-themed hat simulator.

“Help, we forgot how to do our jobs! Please make a new update or else the giant iguana posing as Gabe Newell will fire us and have us escorted out by security in that order,” the staff of Valve’s war-themed hat simulator Team Fortress 2 reportedly begged its community members. “Fear not, incompetent Valve employees,” replied a modest community member, “the community is here to save the day once again. We have but one stipulation: we will not make robot hats under any circumstances and that’s final. Unless you pay us lots of money.” Robotic Boogaloo, the latest free update for TF2, is 100% created by the TF2 community, and contains 57 robot hats.

“And when we say everything [is created by the community], we mean everything-the in-game content, the update hub website, the animated short, the comic, even the splash images in the Steam store,” said Valve in a blog post accompanying the announcement. The 39 hats and 15 miscellaneous items are “roboticized” versions of regular TF2 hats and misc items, that will be available through a new series of “RoboCrates,” only unlock-able with “RoboKeys”. Robo.

Along with this, 10 new robot-related Unusual effects (which are exclusive to the new RoboCrates), 3 new action items – the Pallet of Crates (which gifts a crate to up to 23 players on a server), Random RoboKey Gift (which gifts a RoboKey to a random player on a server) and Pile of RoboKey Gifts (which gifts a RoboKey to up to 23 players on a server)- and one tool – the RoboCrate Key – were added to the game.

A new comic detailing the exploits of the 9 stupidest mercenaries in the world was also released with the update, and it’s pretty good for a chuckle. “Plus, in a first for the Team Fortress economy,” said Valve, “all the creators of the Robotic Boogaloo Update have decided to share the revenue earned from the sale of RoboCrate Keys. That means that everyone involved will be profiting from this update, not just the people making hats.”

“This doesn’t mark the end of Valve-produced TF2 updates, by the way,” assured Valve, “As far as we’re concerned, there’s plenty of room for both to happily co-exist. We’re in uncharted territory here, and it’s exciting to be exploring it with you.” The update is live right now, so you can go ahead and play it. Team Fortress 2 is free-to-play on PC, Linux and Mac.

Valve previously released a neat Baloonicorn plushie via its Valve store, that comes with a code to unlock the item in-game.

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