Rockstar and Producer Timbaland to Collaborate on Beaterator


Rockstar Games announced today that it has teamed up with popular music producer Timbaland to release Beaterator, a music-based game available this summer for the PSP.

Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games, says music has always been “an important part of what we do here.”

Rockstar launched a web-based version of Beaterator on its own web site two years ago and got a positive response, which inspired them to release a hand-held version of the game.

Timbaland was quoted as saying, “I’ve always been a huge fan of Rockstar and love playing their games.” He went on to express how thrilled he is to partner with Rockstar and make music for Beaterator.

Beaterator is both a music mixer and a collection of rhythm games, challenge modes and original music.

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