Rockstar Drops a Handful of New GTA V Screens


Rockstar is in a teasing mood this holiday season.

Ok, we get it: You just got a stack of new games at your annual holiday celebration, and the idea of an epic, open-world title lurking over the horizon is just plain scary. Well, it seems Rockstar doesn’t care about your plight, because the company has unveiled a few more tantalizing glimpses into the world of Grand Theft Auto V.

As you can see from the new screenshots, theres plenty to do in the newly updated world of Los Santos, including swimming with sharks, flying fighter jets, and cruising the boulevard with man’s best friend. As you might expect, it all looks pretty fantastic at this point, but doesn’t it always? Of course, that’s before you’re accidentally driving your motorcycle off the side of a cliff or being shot at by disgruntled drug dealers.

Source: Rockstar

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