Rolling Stones Earn a Few Bucks Off Black Ops


The Rolling Stones hit the jackpot by putting their song in an advertisement for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops didn’t just earn a ton of money for Activision, it also put some dough in the pockets of the Rolling Stones. The band’s song “Gimme Shelter” which was attached to a prominent Black Ops advertisement saw a big increase in sales in the first half of November.

The ad itself, which features various regular Joes/Janes and celebrities firing weaponry, has seen its fair share of controversy, but the Rolling Stones are only seeing dollar signs thanks to its airing. The sales of “Gimmer Shelter” more than doubled the week of the ad’s release, from around 2,000 to 5,000, and the following week more than doubled again for around 11,000 copies sold. Another Rolling Stones song featured in the game, “Sympathy for the Devil,” also saw its sales double.

Activision VP of music affairs Tim Riley told Billboard that it was a big deal to get the Rolling Stones in the commercial and in Black Ops. Activision had to fly out to the rights holders of “Gimme Shelter” to show the advertisement on a secure laptop, and even allowed them to make edits so that the band would approve. “It’s such a big deal, such a serious song and such a big band . . . we had to fly out for it,” Riley said. “They certainly say ‘no’ more than they say ‘yes.’ It’s the Rolling Stones. It’s not like they need the money.”

Riley also hinted that something else Rolling Stones-related is coming to the world of Black Ops, vaguely called a “new element.” Whether that means a there’s a new advertisement in the works, or something in-game is unconfirmed. Either way, the Stones are sure to profit yet again.

Source: Billboard

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