Rooster Teeth & Mega 64 Molest The TSA With Satire


According to Rooster Teeth and Mega 64, the TSA and Kinect both love to humiliate the general public.

There really isn’t a more despised branch of the government than the Transportation Security Administration, especially now that people are up in arms over the TSA’s new full bodyscan/invasive patdown procedures that arrived just in time for the Holiday travel season. Rooster Teeth, the group behind Red Vs. Blue, and Mega 64 have teamed up to create a video that pretty much eviscerates the agency’s latest procedures, based on the premise of a person “opting out” of playing a Kinect game at a party.

The general premise is that a guy says he doesn’t want to play a Kinect game because he’s not a fan of getting embarrassing pictures taken and put on display in public. When he declines the opportunity to play, some TSA agents unveil themselves and reveal that, while they do work airport security, “taking embarrassing photos of people, humiliating them in public, that’s what’s big right now.”

Things only get more ridiculous and awkward from there, and it’s honestly pretty damn funny. For any of us who’ve had to fly in the U.S. lately, though, it’s a scathing parody that highlights just how frustrating it is to deal with the TSA.

Source: BoingBoing via GamePolitics

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