If rumors are to be believed, gamers will get to help Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez save Los Angeles from hostile alien forces.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Battle: Los Angeles ever since it was announced last year for two big reasons: it’s an alien invasion movie with some pretty big talent involved and it looks like it’ll be so much better than the cinematic trash heap that was Skyline. It turns out that the movie is now going (probably) be made into a videogame.

According to the Australian Classification Board, the game is is going to be published by Konami and will be developed by Saber Interactive (the development studio behind Namco’s upcoming shooter Inversion). The game’s been rated MA 15+ for strong violence, though it’s not clear what type of game it will be (presumably an action shooter or a FPS).

According to Eurogamer, the game is due to come out in March, right around the time the movie does. Hopefully Saber and Konami deliver a quality title, but since this is a movie tie-in, the odds of that actually happening are a bit on the slim side. At the moment, Konami has yet to confirm the game’s existence, and it doesn’t show up on the ESRB website, so this is still firmly in rumor territory.

Source: Eurogamer

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