After months of rumor and conjecture, we might finally be getting Hulu on the Xbox 360.

If the rumors are true and not just compelling fakes, you could be sitting down to some quality Hulu programming come April 29, streamed straight to your Xbox.

And it’s getting difficult to discount the rumors. A scan of the June issue of the Official Xbox Magazine claimed that Hulu would be available on the Xbox on April 29, and a video given to Joystiq by an anonymous tipster has now also offered that date as the release date.

Granted, they could both be elaborate fakes, but considering we’ve been hearing rumors about Hulu on the Xbox since June, it isn’t hard to argue for their authenticity.

The leaked video shows that the Hulu Plus interface is building off of the tried-and-true Netflix menu, and that it also takes after Netflix in terms of long loading and buffering times. Of course, unlike Netflix, Hulu Plus will feature commercials, a sticking point amongst users who will already have to pay for the Hulu Plus service. There’s no word yet on if it will work for users outside of the US, but one can always hope.

And if the evidence isn’t fake, then Microsoft will also be promoting the release of Hulu Plus for Xbox with a contest running from the release to May 30, offering free Xbox bundles, vacations, and Hulu Plus subscriptions to randomly chosen Hulu Plus users.

Between Netflix, Zune Marketplace, and now Hulu streaming TV and movies to my console at the push of a button, I have to say cable is looking awfully redundant right now.

Source: Joystiq

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