Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 Might Recast Indy, Ditch Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford’s window to portray Indy is said to be closing, and studios are now prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones with Bradley Cooper at the top of the list.

Actor Harrison Ford’s time as Dr. Henry Walton “Indy” Jones might finally be coming to an end — at least if production on Indiana Jones 5 doesn’t start soon enough. According to Latino-Review’s “reliable sources,” while Ford might still be tapped to play Indy in the franchise’s next film entry, the window of making that happen is said to be “getting smaller and smaller.” The site’s sources claim that “there is a date” for Indy 5, and if the film is not “moving forward by then, the studios are 100% prepared to cast a younger Dr. Jones and ready up for a new trilogy.” Supposedly, a lot of actors are being considered for the lead role, but Bradly Cooper (Hangover film franchise, A-Team) is “at the top of the list.” However, this doesn’t mean Cooper is a lock to play Indy as he hasn’t landed the role, nor has signed any deal of sorts; he’s just the actor the studios are looking at to play the role if and when the franchise moves ahead without Ford.

If the recast happens, it won’t be a reboot as most people will assume. Instead, the Indiana Jones film series is said to be following the “James Bond” film franchise route of recasting the titular role every couple of years. As to who might be writing Indy 5, the site claims Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead Season 1, Shawshank Redemption) might be making a run for it. For now, it’s said that Darabont has pitched an idea, but it’s currently unknown what that idea is or if it has been given the green light.

When the time comes that Harrison has to pass his whip and fedora to someone else, whom do you think would be a good fit? Would you be OK with Bradley Cooper taking over or should it be passed on to Indy’s “son,” Shia LeBouf? Or should the franchise itself retire with Ford?

Source: Latino-Review

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