Rumor: Is Harry Potter Boss New Head of DC?


Is Harry Potter’s old boss, Batman’s new boss?

If you’re one of the people who pounded their chest in dismay at the news that Marvel had been taken over by Disney, you’re probably not going to like this news either. According to sources, the new Publisher of DC Comics may be Barbara Marcus, former Executive Vice President for Scholastic, Inc and the woman widely crediting with breaking Harry Potter in the US.

It’s claimed that Marcus’s part in brokering the deal with Warner Brothers for the Harry Potter movies brought her into contact with Diane Nelson, now head of the newly formed DC ENtertainment, and the two established a firm and friendly relationship. Some sources are dismissing the rumor, and DC has not made any comment on the rumor, but with DC Comics 75th birthday happening this month, it would be surprising if something hadn’t been announced by then.

While die-hard DC fans may balk at the idea of anything Harry Potter related being associated with their favorite superheroes, someone with Marcus’s experience may be just what’s needed to revitalize comic book sales and bring the medium to a new audience.

Source: via io9

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