Rumor: One Iconic Character Is Already Dead In Batman V Superman

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may suggest that Batman suffered the loss of an iconic character before the movie begins. (Other than his parents.)

WARNING: This news story may include spoilers from the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

When the two biggest comic book characters ever meet on the big screen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, one certainly won’t be a novice hero. According to the film’s new lore, Batman has been operating as a superhero for 17 years, and already led Gotham City through its darkest adventures. And if the rumor mill can be believed, that means Batman lost one of his supporting characters before the new film even begins.

While this isn’t exactly a major reveal, at the moment it would constitute a spoiler, so now’s the time to stop reading if that sort of thing bothers you.

Okay, now that it’s just us:

If the rumor is true, this means that Commissioner James Gordon was lost sometime before the film began. How that happened exactly isn’t clear; Badass Digest reported that a memorial plaque dedicated to Gordon was called for in the script.

In broader Batman lore, Commissioner Gordon was long considered one of Batman’s few allies within Gotham’s police department. Recognizing that he couldn’t fight Batman’s rogues gallery with a corrupt police force, Gordon agreed to work with Batman and turn a blind eye to his vigilantism to ensure justice was served. Gordon was last played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Where many other DC Comics personalities are expected to fill the void, it’s a little disappointing that Gordon’s presence won’t be a part of it. But perhaps there’s a silver lining: I can easily imagine Gordon’s death inspiring his daughter, Barbara, to take up a costume of her own.

Source: Badass Digest

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