Rumor: Sega Shutting Down Iron Man Studio


Shrapnel has made its way to the heart of the studio behind the Iron Man series at Sega, with none of Tony Stark’s genius available to help it survive.

Hopefully Sega Studios San Francisco had a good time making Iron Man 2, because it looks like it’ll be the studio’s last game. As confirmed by an anonymous source of 1up‘s, Sega sent out an internal memo today announcing the closure of the company also once known as Secret Level.

The story first broke through a tipster that offered the information to Sega Nerds. Secret Level had worked on a few Xbox titles before being purchased by Sega in 2006, and was later renamed Sega Studios San Francisco. Under Sega, the studio worked on titles such as Golden Axe: Beast Rider and the first Iron Man game.

Iron Man 2 has reportedly already been completed, so the closure shouldn’t affect the game’s scheduled May release date. Sega Studios San Francisco had gone on record saying it was fixing some of the gameplay aspects criticized in the original game for Iron Man 2, but it doesn’t really seem to matter anymore. The company’s releases weren’t well received critically, but game development is damn hard, and a group of people losing their jobs is not usually something I break out the pom-poms to cheer at. It’s got to be a pretty bad feeling to work on any project only to be fired as soon as it’s done.

Source: 1up

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