Rumor: Sega’s Sonic Anniversary Remaking Retro Levels


Sonic might not need fans to remake his classic levels anymore.

Fans have been expressing their desires to see classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles remade with modern technology for a while now, and apparently Sega has been listening. Spanish language website Sonic Paradise has possibly confirmed that an upcoming Sega game called Sonic Anniversary will feature remade levels from the Genesis era and onward.

The information was gleaned from a tipster speaking with Sega representatives at Madrid’s ongoing Gamefest event, with the tipster saying Sonic Anniversary will be a “compilation of the best levels in the series adapted to current consoles.” This means that the levels will be remade in 2D, and 3D, according to the source.

If real, the game is said to be coming to the PS3, Wii, DS, and PSP, with Xbox 360 negotiations “underway.” I don’t see how a product of this caliber would skip the 360, however. All of this information reportedly was told to the source by Izaskun Urretabizkaia, a marketing director at Sega.

Urretabizkaia also mentioned a new Mario & Sonic title, covering some future version of the Olympic Games again, but that’s not really the big story here in my view. Sonic the Hedgehog‘s 20th anniversary is coming up in June 2011, so a game like Sonic Anniversary would be a perfect way for both Sega and fans to celebrate. It could be one of the games that Sega is making room for at retail by removing other Sonic titles.

The big question posed by the rumor is how exactly Sega will be handling the level remakes. If Sega simply upgraded classic levels like the Green Hill Zone with better visuals, that’d be fine by me, but the information currently known points to gameplay that might not even be side-scrolling anymore. If it’s done right, Sonic Anniversary could really pump Sonic up again, but if done wrong it’ll just be another reason for Sonic fans to frown. Sonic Anniversary hasn’t been officially announced, so it remains a rumor for now.

Source: TSSZ News, via GoNintendo

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