Rumor: Sony Japan May Force Studio to Relinquish Spider-Man Control

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New gossip claims Sony Picture’s parent company may finally force studio to share Spider-Man rights with Marvel

Sony Pictures’ two biggest headaches (the hacking of its films and private documents and the ongoing disaster of its crumbling Spider-Man franchise) collided yesterday evening as still more hacked emails revealed that the financially-troubled studio failed to close a deal to share the franchise with Marvel Studios – a move which many industry analysts have long believed is the only hope of salvaging the series.

The deal, which could have seen Spider-Man appear as part of the blockbuster sequel Captain America: Civil War and given the Marvel brain-trust creative influence over the infamously-scattershot Amazing Spider-Man reboot series (even its star doesn’t like them,) which will now instead by hashed-out at a high-level “Spider-Man Summit” among filmmakers and studio executives in January.

According to the Hollywood rumor-mongers at Latino Review (who also claim that the head-scratching Aunt May prequel wasn’t a fake, after all), claims that that Summit may end up being an occasion for Sony’s Japanese parent company to put it’s foot down: According to LR’s scooper, Sony Japan is both furious about the hack (and doesn’t like how the Spider-Man movies have turned out), and may force the studio to both take Marvel’s crossover deal and give up (to Marvel) their creative control over the main Spider-Man movies – which was supposedly the sticking-point that broke down the initial talks.

If correct, these maneuvers could well see Spider-Man finally coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – though it’s now unclear whether or not time remains for the character to take part in upcoming crossovers like Civil War.

Source:Latino Review


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