Rumor: System Shock 2 Coming to GOG


A very interesting rumor going around claims that the great System Shock 2 is about to return.

I don’t normally spend much time on rumors about this game or that coming to one service or another, but this is no ordinary rumor, and no ordinary game. System Shock 2 is famous not only because it’s so amazingly good and influential – remember that this is the progenitor of the BioShock franchise we’re talking about – but also because issues surrounding the rights to the IP, as detailed by G4, has meant that a true sequel, and even re-releases of System Shock 2, would likely never happen.

But the word on the street is that something has changed. Flesh Eating Zipper reports that a digital release of System Shock 2 is headed to GOG “within days,” while a Steam release is also in the offing. The site claims that the “new” release is being put together by Night Dive Studios, which according to its Facebook page specializes in “finding classic, abandoned and forgotten PC games and bringing them back into the hands of gamers.” The site also claims that the extra content in the GOG bundle, which typically includes soundtracks, art, forum icons and so forth, will be “well worth the price.”

I cannot stress enough that this is an entirely unverified rumor, and neither GOG nor Night Dive have yet responded to inquiries, so don’t get yourself too wound up about it. But if it is true, it will be a heck of a thing. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Flesh Eating Zipper, via GameSpy

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