Rumor: Tomb Raider 9 Sets Lara Free on Japanese Island


More rumored details have come out about an unofficial Tomb Raider reboot that could give Lara advancement choices beyond pushing crates.

The rumored Tomb Raider reboot now has even more rumors to associate with previous rumors, this time involving gameplay and setting. PC Gamer’s latest rumor column “The Spy” has the probably-true details.

The magazine once again states that Crystal Dynamics has a reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise in the works, and isn’t referring to the isometric Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light recently released on XBLA (and coming to PSN and PC). The ninth main series game to star Lara Croft will reportedly take a radical approach.

Rather than Lara being led into a series of linear levels again, earlier indications that Tomb Raider 9 would incorporate a sandbox/open world feel could be true after all. The Spy writes that the game will be set on a Japanese island; its only level. However, it’ll be large enough so that Lara can make her own way around its puzzles and take multiple paths. It sounds similar to games like Deus Ex that allow you to either pick a door’s lock, or kill an enemy and steal the key.

The Spy also says that it’ll be a prequel to earlier Tomb Raider games and will explore Croft’s origins. She’ll be “younger and inexperienced” instead of the seasoned tomb pilferer seen in previous titles.

These are still just rumors, but when something looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it normally ends up being a duck. It was leaked in late June that the still unofficial Tomb Raider reboot was targeted for the holiday period of 2011, so we may hear something about the game in late 2010 or early next year to build hype. That’s if it’s actually a duck, anyway.

Source: PC Gamer

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