Rumors Hint at a Pair of Castlevanias for E3


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow may be getting a sequel.

Word has it that Konami’s iconic vampire-slaying franchise will be getting a twofer showing at this year’s E3 show next month. Dutch site N1ntendo reports that Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is in development for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld as well as the Wii U. Konami registered two domains for a “Castlevania Mirror of Fate” earlier this year, so there’s at least substance to this one.

The rumor was corroborated by PaulGaleNetwork, which is the site that also first leaked information on Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars, lending this some credibility.

According to PGN, Mirror of Fate is a classic 2D Castlevania that will use the forward-facing cameras on the 3DS and Wii U controller as the “mirrors” in question, while the outward-facing cameras will be used to solve puzzles somehow. The game will feature cross-platform functionality between Wii U and 3DS, and will be similarly playable on both, with the Wii U’s controller screen serving the same purpose as the 3DS’ lower one.

While N1ntendo claimed that the game was in the hands of Spanish developer MercurySteam, the team behind 2010’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, LOS director David Cox disabused those notions on Twitter. When asked to comment about Mirror of Fate, Cox wrote that it was the “wrong end of the stick,” and called it “misinformed.” He did offer a teaser, however, saying that truth was better than fiction.

We just may have an idea of what David Cox’s “truth” is – the same PGN report that included details of Mirror of Fate also mentioned that Konami would soon be revealing Lords of Shadow 2 for Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita. It would make sense, then, for MercurySteam to be working on its own sequel while another team handles Mirror of Fate.

Given that the very end sequence of Lords of Shadow revealed an unexpected and intriguing plot twist, it’s not surprising that we may be getting a sequel. I’m also quite interested in where it might go.

As always, these are still currently rumors, so don’t go planning your double-Castlevania parties just yet. We’ll know for sure next month come E3.

Source: N1ntendo & PaulGaleNetwork

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