Sarah Palin Xbox 360 Back on eBay


The Sarah Palin autographed Xbox 360 that was up for sale on eBay is back and this time the seller says he’s got all the bases covered.

The console was signed by Palin during a public picnic at her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, according to seller David Morrill of Alberta, Canada, who originally put the unit up for auction in early August. Unfortunately for Morrill, eBay seemed a little less than anxious to have the Palin-signed console listed through its service; the auction was quickly de-listed due to a lack of photos and “insufficient description of the item.” Morrill uploaded more photos and added some technical information about the console, after which eBay de-listed it a second time and suspended his account in the process because the $1.1 million dollar bid the auction attracted was too large for PayPal to process.

A few days ago, having found a payment site that can do the job, Morrill listed the console under a new account; on October 5, it was pulled again, this time for being in violation of eBay’s “No Item” policy (“Listings with the apparent, primary purpose of expressing the seller’s personal views are not permitted”) and also because he listed it in the wrong category. In response, Morrill removed the story of how he acquired the item and put the auction up yet again, this time as a “Collectibles > Autographs > Political > Other.”

Bidding on the new auction is restricted to pre-approved buyers only and starts where the old one left off: A cool $1.1 million. Whether eBay will give up the fight and let Morrill sell this thing, or at least try to, is anybody’s guess but for now, at least, the auction action is underway. No bids have yet been received (shocking, I know) so if you’ve got a few bucks in your pocket and you’d like to lighten your load, the line starts here!

via: MTV Multiplayer

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