SCEA Creates Teen-Focused User Driven Experience in PAIN


Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a creative new PlayStation Network exclusive game called PAIN.

An extensive market research report indicated that chaos, comedy, creativity and community are central themes to teen entertainment choices. Thus, PAIN, a user-driven experience that allows the player to be the architect of comedic stunts similar to those performed on television shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam, was created to meet those criteria.

Some key features of PAIN include an interactive environment that always remains dynamic and fully destructible, and the ability view replays immediately due to instant recording on the PS3’s hard drive. Players can also control camera angles and speed of replays, so they can edit and re-record each stunt if they choose.

PAIN will be available exclusively via download on the PlayStation Network for the PS3, and will feature an online community where players can upload and share their experiences or rank and comment on other shared content.

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