The posse of Bill Nye may be able to explain why nerds hate the Star Wars creator, but they still can’t justify midichlorians.

The George Lucas of my childhood is a brilliant visionary that brought us the joy of lightsaber duels, bringing guns to sword fights and the single greatest throwaway character in sci-fi history, Admiral Ackbar. It’s the George Lucas that brought us Lucasarts and in turn, all those incredible point-and-click adventure games. If it weren’t for George Lucas, we wouldn’t have the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland, and then what would you use your quick pass on?

Unfortunately, it’s the same George Lucas that brought us a world of midichlorians, Jar Jar Binks and the rape of Indiana Jones. Anything good you can say about the man is crushed under knowing that, were it not for the Star Wars prequels, our memories of Transformers, GI Joe and more wouldn’t be so rife for ruining. I hate George Lucas, but at least now, there’s science to back it up.

“Every time you recall a memory it may become subtly altered and associated with what ever it was that triggered that old memory,” explains Very Evolved. “If this trigger happens repeatedly, then you’re adding new layer of interpretation that will be recalled automatically with the old memory next time it’s called up.”

“A great example of this in action that also demonstrates fluid nostalgia, is the backlash against George Lucas. A large portion of 70’s and 80’s children had grown up owning Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader figures and playing in the backyard pretending sticks were light sabers. Fond childhood memories.

“When the first abysmal Star Wars prequel was released the strong feelings against the film weren’t just those of disappointment at a bad movie. If it were that simple, we should also feel the same way about Police Academy 7.”

So really, this could happen with just about anything. For example, my fists wash over cold every time I see my old videogame favorites exploited for hipster chic. It’s just easier to blame everything on Lucas.

Via: io9

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