Scott Derrickson Will Direct Marvel’s Doctor Strange


The Sinister director will helm the debut outing for Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme

Marvel is still having difficulty filling the director’s shoes for next year’s Ant-Man, but the rest of their “Phase III” plans are proceeding full steam ahead with today’s announcement that Scott Derrickson, late of the horror hit Sinister, will direct the long-gestating Doctor Strange movie.

Mainly known as a horror specialist (he also directed Hellraiser: Inferno, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil), Derrickson also helmed the Keanu Reeves-starring remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, which was roundly panned by critics but became a big hit at the international box-office. He is also a writer, and some speculate that he may be asked to revise the film’s current screenplay. Marvel is believed to be very close to choosing an actor for the role, expected to be announced during or before Comic-Con.

Created in 1963 by the Amazing Spider-Man team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange would be best described to non-comic fan audiences as “Iron Man, but with magic.” Stephen Strange (yes, it’s actually just his last name) is a world-renowned surgeon whose incredibly skilled hands make him rich and famous but also arrogant. He loses everything when a tragic accident robs him off this gift, and he seeks out a magical cure from a Himalayan mystic named The Ancient One. When he foils an attempt on The Ancient One’s life, he offers to train Strange in the use of the mystic arts. Reborn as Earth’s “Sorcerer Supreme,” Doctor Strange uses magic to battle supernatural threats and to aid other heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Source: Variety

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