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Secret Invasion Lands New Trailer with Nick Fury Going It Alone

Disney+ releases a new Fight trailer for MCU series Secret Invasion, in which Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) stops aliens by himself.

One of the issues with superhero storylines in general (both comic and movie) is the fact that there are so many superheroes around that it often doesn’t make sense that a superhero would ever combat a supervillain alone, especially when it’s a world-ending scenario. For instance, if you’re the somewhat exceptional but not superpowered Nick Fury and you know of a secret alien invasion, you’d probably want to get someone like one of the Marvels or Thor to help out. But as the new “Fight” trailer for Secret Invasion shows, there’s a perfectly good reason he doesn’t do this: He doesn’t want to.

Obviously, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) going it alone — aside from the other puny humans working with him — is a key part of the plot of Secret Invasion, and most likely the excuse will be that he can’t trust anyone since they could be one of the evil shape-shifting Skrulls. If you recall, we’ve last seen Fury helping the Skrull refugees, but a rogue faction of them is upset with the amount of time it’s taking him to get them new homes and is slowly invading the planet. It seems that the series, which is basically a Nick Fury show, will dive heavily into his storyline both past and present while setting up part of the massive overall storyline of the next couple phases, which will end in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.

As the Secret Invasion “Fight” trailer shows, we will be seeing a few returning MCU characters. Ben Mendelsohn will be returning as good guy Skrull Talos and Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross, and everyone’s favorite sidekick Cobie Smulders reprises her long-running role of Maria Hill. Of course, there is at least one superhero in the film as Don Cheadle shows up playing James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine, though it doesn’t look like he’ll be donning the armor. The big new cast members are Academy Award winner Olivia Colman, who is playing MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth, and Emilia Clarke as G’iah, the daughter of Talos. Obviously, both of them will be playing bigger roles in the future of the MCU considering they’re both huge name actors.

Secret Wars will debut on Disney+ on June 21.

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