Section 8: Prejudice Goes Overdrive with Pretty New Map Pack

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The budget shooter worth its weight in gold gets even richer with a shiny new map pack due out June 1st.

I love the fact that TimeGate Studios is supporting its fun shooter on XBLA with some love post-release. The community unlocked a new multiplayer mode (Assault) by killing a million people online in the first two weeks the game was available, but today TimeGate announced a map pack called Overdrive will be released on June 1st. The pack offers two new maps – Abaddon and Sky Dock – which will be available in all the game’s competitive modes, both offline and on. The map pack will set you back 320 Microsoft Points or four bucks and can be downloaded both on Xbox Live Arcade or Games for Windows Live.

The two maps use two of the environments already in the game, Abbaddon is set in a magma field while Sky Dock takes place in a frozen tundra.

I’m glad to see that TimeGate is following through on its promise to keep supporting Section 8: Prejudice this way. The $4 price tag might be a little steep for only two maps, but I think the business model that TimeGate is experimenting with here could prove really lucrative in the long run. If the free-to-play MMO market has taught us anything, offering a budget game and then supporting with smaller packages and microtransactions is great way to build a fanbase.

Here’s hoping that TimeGate keeps up the level of quality with the Overdrive pack.

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