See How to Glitch Out The Witcher 3 For God Mode

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Make Geralt completely unstoppable with a strange glitch found in Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, providing players with infinite health and super strength by exploiting a certain type of grenade.

The Witcher 3 prides itself on inhospitality. It’s world is wild and dangerous, so we don’t recommend you try this crazy glitch for yourself. Just trust us — it works, and CD Projekt Red are probably hard at work to quash it. For this with enough curiosity, remove your latest patches and check out the exacting instructions below.

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Super High Stats Glitch Guide

Work-In-Progress: Glitch tested with Patch 1.05. If this glitch no longer works, uninstall and refrain from downloading the latest updates.

Thanks to a strange exploit, it’s possible to give Geralt an endless supply of health, an absurd attack strength, and extremely powerful Sign magic all at the same time.


  • Geralt at Level 20-23
  • Clearance Potion
  • Enhanced Dimeritium Bomb

Combine these items with the instructions below and prepare extra Green / Red Mutagen to increase your stats even more.

How to Activate the God Mode Glitch

This glitch doesn’t actually give you “God Mode” — instead, it increases Geralt’s stats at an overpowered pace, rocketing vitality / DPS / Sign intensity into the thousands within seconds.

  • 1. Start by using a Clearance Potion. These are found at magical merchants across Velen or Novigrad. Keira Metz sells one.
  • 2. The clearance potion will reset your skill points. Now, go to the Alchemy tab and unlock Synergy: Mutation. This requires Geralt to be, at least, Level 20. It helps to be Level 22-23 to pull this glitch off. For super strength, try using the extra ability points for attack power.
  • 3. Fill the slots to the right of the Ability pane. Slot in Synergy: Mutation then slot in a Green Mutagen. Craft one if you don’t have one already.
  • 4. Next, equip the Enhanced Dimeritium Bomb in your thrown weapon slot. The Enhanced schematic is sold by the Herbalist in Kaer Trolde Harbor, Ard Skellig.
  • 5. Throw the bomb, then walk through the green cloud — all the way through, don’t stand in it. Run all the way through the smoke, clearing the area.
  • 6. Run clear through the cloud, and each time you do your vitality, DPS, and Sign intensity stats increase.
  • Anything in your character build slots on the Ability Points tab will increase exponentially. The stronger the bonuses, the more your stats will increase. Does it ruin the game? Probably, but who doesn’t love breaking a game every once in awhile.

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