See Why Mario’s Coins Are No Good


The Wii U videos Nintendo showed at Sundance have hit the interwebs.

Remember a few days back, when Nintendo hosted its film challenge at the Sundance Film Festival? Well, the fun’s over, and now you get to see what those film goers saw, thanks to Nintendo’s generosity and the internet.

Coins, the entry seen here, is the winner of the 48-Hour Challenge. The hapless pair try to get rich by bringing Mario coins into the real world – science! – but things don’t go according to plan. Its hero, Andre Meadows, takes his fame in stride. “Last day of #Sundance,” he Tweeted, “Last day of free continental breakfast.”

The other entrants are Writer’s Room – Nintendo’s best and brightest brainstorm Mario’s next story mode – and Legacy, in which icons battle it out over gaming’s legacy.

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