Sega Wants Valkyria Chronicles 2


Ryutaro Nonaka, the producer of PS3-only cult hit Valkyria Chronicles, is adamant about making another Valkyria game. I’d also like to have a pet elephant, but some things just aren’t going to happen.

Though it hasn’t seen much success in terms of sales, Sega’s PlayStation 3 exclusive strategy-RPG Valkyria Chronicles has gained something of a rabid cult following among gamers who enjoy their WWII action alternate history-flavored and colored up in Hayao Miyazaki-esque anime fashion. Not to mention it’s supposed to be a new and fun twist on the SRPG formula, but whatever. Kids like anime.

Ryutaro Nonaka, who produced the game, apparently likes Valkyria Chronicles too, and he doesn’t just want to go give its fans DLC, he wants to bring on a full-fledged sequel.

In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu translated by PS3 Center, Nonaka stated that he’s been thrilled with the enthusiasm that the game’s Japanese fans have for the game, and that he’s also psyched about the new Valkyria Chronicles anime that’s coming out.

The more important thing he said was that, in light of the game’s popularity, he’d really like to do a sequel to the game, and has been adamant to Sega upper brass that Valkyria Chronicles not be a one time deal. So, there you go, Valkyria fanboys and fangirls. A sequel could very well happen. If it does, pray it comes to the West as well.

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