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Shadow of Mordor Art Day



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Grey asked for a day off writing CM stating he would be ‘celebrating Thanksgiving with the family’, even though it is still a month and a half away. It isn’t an issue, I can do my own thing, I even did my own thing. But, if he had just asked for time off that would have been fine, he didn’t need to make up such a terrible excuse. Anyway that means I was on call to do an art day strip comic page jpeg image.

So I drew a thing of LOTR: Mordor’s Shadow of the Earthen Middle, a fun game that is devastatingly shallow. The skill curve is a joke and the skill unlocks really only allow you to make it through the simple combat even faster. There are some small glitches sticking to walls and you have to be careful with the janky controls when climbing and moving around the tops of buildings. Still the combat is generally clean and satisfying and though there are a ton of issues with the game but it is a lot of fun. Hopefully they can sell enough to make a similarly enjoyable, slightly more polished average sequel. I give it a ‘fun to kill time and not think on’/10

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