Shadow Warrior Add Free Survival Mode, Partners with Rise of the Triad Devs


Swat down endless waves of demons with the Excalibat.

So you blasted and hacked your way through Shadow Warrior, leaving a terrible mess behind. Now what? Go back through on a higher difficulty? Hunt down the remaining achievements? Play something else? Developer Flying Wild Hog has anticipated your concerns and released a host of new content, including a new survival mode, and a crossover with Rise of the Triad.

The new survival mode lets players work their way through wave after wave of demonic enemies using whatever excessive violence they prefer. There are three arenas to fight in, and global leaderboards to compete against (assuming you’re using the Steamworks version).

In a crossover that’s been decades in the making, Shadow Warrior‘s Flying Wild Hog and Rise of the Triad‘s Interceptor Entertainment also announced a partnership. Now, Shadow Warrior players can murder demons with RotT‘s magical Excalibat, while RotT players can play as Lo Wang in online multiplayer. It’s like a huge 90’s FPS party in here.

“Enjoy the free content, nerds,” remarked Devolver Digital’s (fictional) CFO Fork Parker. “Don’t forget my holiday cheer and festive giving of free stuff next year when I jack up prices on some face-melting indie games.”

Shadow Warrior is currently discounted on many sites, so you can grab the version that best suits you and save a buck or two.

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