Shelter 2 Announced, This Time With Kitties

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Shelter, last year’s badger survival simulator, is getting a sequel – trading badgers for the agile lynx.

Prior to Might and Delight’s wilderness survival game Shelter, a pitifully small number of people understood what it was like to be a badger, struggling in the harsh world of nature. Now that the market has been more or less cornered on badger simulators, Might and Delight is moving on to a different part of the ecosystem for a follow-up title. The newly announced Shelter 2 puts you behind the paws of a wild lynx who must protect her cubs.

“The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness,” developer Might and Delight proclaims. “That is central in Shelter 2, and one of the reasons we chose to make a game about a Lynx. They are in the middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra…”

Shelter 2 (which, regrettably, is not subtitled Lynx Awakening) follows the mother lynx as she gives birth to a litter of little lynx, raises them in the wild, and fights to keep them alive. The wilderness is ripe with prey to hunt, but also dangerous predators that you’ll need to watch out for. Shelter veterans will find plenty of new mechanics, as the lynx is a bit more mobile than the badger.

Shelter 2 will be migrating onto Steam, Good Old Games, and “other digital platforms” sometime this fall. You can find more information over at the official website.

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