Shutting the E3 Noise Hole


E3 is coming, and with it, a tsunami of speeches, lectures and marketspeak-drenched empty promises; but through it all, hope springs eternal that at least some of these guys will shut the hell up.

Just because you can’t go to E3 doesn’t mean you won’t hear about it, and while that’s good to a point, with some of these guys it can grow more than just a little tiresome. Whether they’re talking about the same thing year in and year out, or raising expectations for future projects beyond all reasonable levels, or simply making noise because they like the sound of their own voice, at some point it all starts to pile up into one big, mushy compost head of repetitive yammering. Apparently, the gang at Crispy Gamer are tired of listening.

Who should shut the hell up at E3? How about Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack for starters, whose Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human is finally coming together after years of delays, but who nonetheless seems unable to stop shooting his mouth off at the slightest provocation. Or Peter Molyneux, a legendary designer who promises the world, never even comes close to delivering and yet somehow manages to make us all believe that next time, seriously and for real, he’s going to revolutionize everything. And then he doesn’t. Michael Pachter, everyone’s favorite industry analyst, also makes the list, although whether that’s because most of what he says is barely more than guesswork or jealousy over the fact that he seems to make a pretty good living at it is hard to say.

Other names on the list include Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, Epic’s Mark Rein and (I bet you didn’t see this one coming) Peter Moore, the main mouthpiece at EA Sports. Have a look at the full list at Crispy Gamer, then hop into the forums and speak your mind: Who do you think should shut the hell up at E3?

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