Sick Coworker Crane-Bombed By PopCap Shanghai


How do you show support for a fellow employee diagnosed with cancer, when you’re physically located across an ocean? Solution: 1,000 origami cranes.

About a month ago, a post went up on the official PopCap Games blog explaining that Lisa, one of the firm’s employees, would be undergoing chemo therapy to treat her cancer. A number of her coworkers volunteered to shave their heads in solidarity, and the entire heartwarming spectacle was caught on film.

Seeing this outpouring of affection, PopCap employees working in the firm’s Shanghai office felt a strong urge to likewise contribute, and the solution they came up with is equal parts traditional, touching and hilariously grandiose.

From the PopCap blog:

When our Shanghai office heard about the head-shaving party, they started thinking about a way to show their support for Lisa. Because cranes symbolize long life, good fortune and healing in China and Japan, they decided to make 1000 origami cranes for her.

First all 107 employees in Shanghai learned how to fold the cranes, then they got to work making 1000 of them in a week’s time. The cranes were packed into luggage and came to Seattle with some Shanghai folks visiting for meetings last week.

The cranes landed in Lisa’s office while she was out, and she was touched and amazed to find them everywhere when she returned!

See that “everywhere” at the end? That’s not hyperbole. The pictures on that blog post show tiny paper cranes covering every open space in Lisa’s office. Walls, tables, keyboards; nothing is safe from the affectionate avian assault.

We give PopCap due propers for creating some of the most addictive, immediately playable games on any platform, but it should also be said that the company is just a bunch of really great people.

No cynicism here. Way to go PopCap. You guys are rad.

Source: PopCap Blog

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