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Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced for PS5 by Konami & Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 remake Konami Bloober Team PS5 PlaySTation 5

At the Silent Hill Transmission showcase today, Konami announced a Silent Hill 2 remake in development at The Medium developer Bloober Team, and it is coming to PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive and PC via Steam. Some original team members are returning too, as Masahiro Ito is providing creature design, and Akira Yamaoka is providing the music. Yamaoka said he hopes to “create something that will have the same impact as when Silent Hill 2 was first released.” Check out the Silent Hill 2 remake announcement trailer from Konami below.

At the PlayStation.Blog, the developers discussed that the game is being built with Unreal Engine 5, taking advantage of Lumen and Nanite, and the game will also take advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in “creative” ways.

Konami originally released Silent Hill 2 on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2001, where it received a strong critical and player reception and went on to sell more than one million units, being hailed as a classic. The game mostly told a self-contained story, unlike the interconnected narrative that exists between the first Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3. The premise is that protagonist James Sunderland travels to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his, uh, dead wife. Things naturally spiral out of control as he and other people in town are accosted by nightmarish monsters, including the infamous Pyramid Head.

As far as I’m concerned, all of the Konami pachinko jokes were already played out, but hopefully the Silent Hill Transmission today and the announcement of the Silent Hill 2 remake with Bloober Team will deliver a statement of intent that Konami is back.

Konami certainly announced a lot today in total, including the new game Silent Hill f from NeoBards Entertainment, the Annapurna Interactive / No Code game Silent Hill: Townfall, the real-time Genvid project Silent Hill: Ascension, and the movie Return to Silent Hill.

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