Silent Hill Composer Auctioning Guitar for Japan Appeal


Giving up a treasured guitar is a small price to pay to help people, says composer.

Akira Yamaoka, the composer behind Silent Hill’s wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack, is auctioning off the guitar he wrote all that amazing music on in order to raise money for the Play for Japan. According to the auction information, the soul of Silent Hill lives in the guitar, and there’s a good chance that the guitar is haunted.

The complete lot is a Yamaha APX-15FM acoustic electric guitar, a Line 6 FB4, and a Line 6 POD. With this equipment, it is apparently possible to replicate any of the sounds from the Silent Hill games. Yamaoka bought the guitar just before he started working on the first Silent Hill and has used it for every game in the series since then. He also used it in a live performance of the Silent Hill music at the Video Games Live concerts.

Yamaoka said that giving up the guitar was a small thing to lose compared to the losses suffered by the people of Touhoku following the earthquake and the tsunami it triggered. At time of writing, the guitar had raised $1,375, with six days still left to go. For a Silent Hill fan with deep pockets, this is an amazing opportunity; if I were a wealthier man, I’d leap at the chance.

You can see this and other auctions at the Play for Japan website.

Source: Destructoid

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