Silent Service and Silent Service 2 Sail Into GOG’s Library

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GOG has released Silent Service and Silent Service 2 in a new package costing $5.99.

I can’t think of a worse place to spend my time than coasting along inside a submarine beneath the depths of the cold, unforgiving ocean. Thankfully, the world of video games has served up ample opportunities over the years for cowardly gamers like myself to get a glimpse of undersea warfare from the safety of our padded computer chairs. Point in case, the Silent Service games provided simulation gameplay that, back in their day, won more than a few fans with their deep and challenging simulation gameplay. Now, thanks to GOG, gamers can enjoy them anew.

The digital retailer released a new $5.99 package today containing both Silent Service and it’s sequel Silent Service 2. Besides the games themselves, the package will include their manuals, references cards, tips for new captains and a world map for Silent Service 2. As with all of GOG’s products, both games are DRM-free.

I took a crack at both Silent Service and Silent Service 2 and if I can say one thing about them, it’s that they’re definitely not games you can just step into and know what to do by sheer instinct. You’ll definitely be wanting those manuals and references cards if you decide to give them go. That being the case, once you get the hang of their mechanics they can both provide some really deep, enjoyable experiences that are definitely worth the effort. Put shortly, give them a try if the concept of captaining a WW2 submarine appeals to you.

Source: GOG

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