Silicon Knights Still Breathes, Dyack Has Left The Building


Precursor Games has no connection with Silicon Knights, but it did buy a bunch of its stuff from them.

Silicon Knights, after its disastrous squabble with Epic Games, laid off most of its employees and seemed to be on the verge of bankruptcy, but it isn’t dead yet. Silicon Knights’ CFO, Mike Mays, has said that the studio’s few remaining staff are very busy, and confirms that it is “definitely alive.” Alive in what sense has yet to be determined; it doesn’t seem to have any projects on the go, there’s no telling who works for it, and its former Ontario premises are vacant and ready to lease.

Meanwhile founder Denis Dyack no longer works at Silicon Knights. He’s now chief creative officer at Precursor Games, an outfit which rose from the ashes of Silicon Knights with some of its staff and some of its stuff, including office equipment and computers, which Precursor claims to have bought during a Silicon sale. Precursor’s CEO Paul Caporicci has said that his studio has no connection with Silicon Knights. As part of the arrangement with Epic Games, Silicon had to prove that the computers it sold were wiped clean, in order to show that Silicon’s engine and assets hadn’t sneaked over to Precursor. When Polygon made contact with Dyack, he refused to comment on the Silicon Knights situation, saying that he would prefer to “concentrate on forward looking news and Precursor Games focused things only.”

Precursor Games is known to be working on Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness. There’s no word as to what, if anything, Silicon Knights might be up to, assuming it exists as anything other than a mailbox.

Source: Polygon

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