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Sky: Children of the Light, a social adventure game from Journey developer thatgamecompany, is finally gliding its way to Nintendo Switch this June after hovering on mobile for the last two years. The studio revealed the free-to-start multiplayer game’s new Switch launch window today, confirming that it will arrive with cross-play support with iOS and Android users. Sky: Children of the Light first launched on iOS in 2019 and came to Android devices later, making Switch the game’s console debut.

Thatgamecompany had previously pinned Sky: Children of the Light to come to Switch in 2020, but the console release was delayed due to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This new timeline narrows things down quite a bit even if we’re still waiting for a more specific release date. Thankfully, the studio promises that we can expect to hear more details as June approaches.

Sky: Children of the Light has existed as a platform for a community of gamers for quite some time, giving players a chance to coast through clouds and go on adventures with friends and total strangers. Since its launch, thatgamecompany has continued to provide its playerbase with nine seasons of content so far, with the most recent arc launching this month with Season of Assembly. This latest content drop follows “a lone Scout Season Guide who needs to rebuild an abandoned treehouse alongside their lost kinships from scouthoods past.” Along with the new story content itself, Season of Assembly boasts new collectibles for participants. You can watch a trailer for Season of Assembly below.


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