Skyrim Fan Builds Amazing Dovahkiin PC

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When his girlfriend told him that he wasn’t allowed to name his baby Dovahkiin, a die-hard Elder Scrolls fan did the next-best thing and built a ridiculously cool Skyrim PC case.

Remember back in February when Bethesda offered Steam keys for every one of its games, past, present and future, to anyone who had a child on November 11, 2011 and named it Dovahkiin? A man named Spenny sure did, but when he took the idea to his girlfriend she slapped his face and banished him to the couch. Appropriately chastened, he decided that if he couldn’t make a baby the old-fashioned way, he would build one instead – a techno-Dovahkiin!

The pictures really speak for themselves but for those interested in the details, the case is a relatively cheap EVO mid-tower with panels covered in Speed-E-Roc, a “pourable rock substance,” and spaces filled in with automotive body filler. The Skyrim letter, logo and big “V” are all cut from wood, while the dragons and warriors are action figures. [The two guys fighting the dragon on the side vent are actually from Prince of Persia.] The whole thing is painted with grey primer, faux rock valspar grey paint and “a dusting of black and brown to add some organic variance to it all.”

It’s also a muscular beast: according to Kotaku, Spenny’s Dovahkiin is rocking an Intel Core i7 2600K with 8GB of Ripjaws X Series DDR3 and dual EVGA GTX-560Ti GPUs, all held together by Corsair H80 liquid cooling. And while he didn’t mention how much this thing actually weighs, the birth certificate he whipped up for it indicates that it comes in at a whopping 73.5 pounds. That’s Dragonborn, baby!


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