Skyrim Premium Edition Appears on – UPDATED


The word in Germany is that a goodies-laden Skyrim “Premium Edition” is coming in December.

Skyrim is already available in standard and collectors editions (although the collectors edition is probably in pretty short supply at this point), but in case that’s not enough to satisfy your faux-Viking jones, it looks like yet another new edition is on the way. has a listing for a Skyrim “Premium Edition,” slated for release in December.

The Premium Edition will include, along with the game, a map of the world, a t-shirt emblazoned with the Seal of Akatosh, an Elder Scrolls novel with a title that Google translates into Hell City, six concept art postcards and a bonus disc, playable on PCs, that features background material, trailers, a five-song soundtrack and what sounds like a digital version of the official Skyrim strategy guide.

What isn’t clear, along with certain aspects of the Google translation, is whether the Premium Edition will include the Dawnguard and/or Hearthfire DLC. We dropped a line to Bethesda to ask about that and whether this thing will see a release outside of Germany – it’s not currently listed on – and thus far, we haven’t heard back. We’ll update if and when we do.

UPDATE: As promised, here’s the update with information provided to us by Bethesda. The Skyrim Premium Edition will apparently only be released in Benelux, Germany and the U.K., the novel (as someone else pointed out) is actually The Infernal City in English and neither Dawnguard nor Hearthfire will be included. Not a terrible deal if you don’t already have Skyrim, in other words, but hardly a must-buy if you do.


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