Slipgate Ironworks Licenses BigWorld Technology Suite


Slipgate Ironworks licenses the BigWorld Technology Suite to develop its first title.

Slipgate Ironworks, the studio started by id Software co-founder John Romero (DOOM, Quake), is utilizing BigWorld Technology’s BigWorld Technology Suite to build its first game, an unnamed massively-multiplayer game. BigWorld’s tools have been used by a variety of Asian MMOG companies and have only recently reached western companies.

John Romero said, “The BigWorld solution enables a streamlined production period which brings our game to market sooner,” said John Romero. “We are extremely pleased with the technology offering and support BigWorld is providing on this [MMOG].”

Simon Hayes, CTO of BigWorld, commented on Slipgate’s creativity. “John Romero and his team have some very innovative ideas on what they wanted to achieve with this project. The solution we provided them with has allowed their team the creative freedom to create a truly unique next-gen MMOG.”

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