Sly Cooper HD Collection Teases Sly 4


A secret teaser trailer hidden within the Sly Cooper HD Collection may well indicate that the raccoon thief will be returning for a fourth outing.

Sucker Punch’s fantastic last-gen trilogy of stealth platformers was one of the PS2 series to get the HD collection treatment – along with God of War and Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. This way, people who never played the games (which, if you enjoy platformers, you really should) could get another shot at it.

Sly fans who picked up The Sly Collection (or The Sly Trilogy for our readers across the pond in Europe) and were committed enough to fully complete everything unlocked a secret little bonus. Once a player has collected every single PSN Trophy available in the game, a secret “?????” option appears beneath the “Credits” button.

Selecting the mystery option displays the short little video you see here, of one familiar-looking raccoon skulking in the bushes as a guard walks past. A Sly 4 logo pops up at the end – and that’s it. It’s barely enough to count as a teaser, true, but it should get Sly Cooper fans excited for the raccoon’s potential return.

“Woot,” indeed.

(Via Videogamer)

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