Sniper Elite 4 Will Let You Kill Hitler Again in Its Pre-Order Mission


The newest Sniper Elite 4 trailer shows off a look at gameplay, as well as the “Target Fuhrer” pre-order bonus mission.

The Sniper Elite series is coming back with a fourth installment early next year, and there’s a new trailer showing off some gameplay. If you’ve played any of the previous entries in the series, you know what to expect. Some sneaking around, some sniping, and a whole lot of slow-mo internal damage.

If you noticed someone familiar at the the end there, that’s because the pre-order bonus campaign mission will let you hunt down Hitler and take him out. When you try to assassinate the commander of a secret Nazi U-boat base, you find that Hitler got there before you and saved you the trouble. Of course, you then take on the task of removing the Fuhrer himself. It’s a replayable mission, so you can try any number of ways to eliminate him.

Sniper Elite 4 is scheduled to launch on February 14, 2017, because who doesn’t want to let their sweetheart do a little bone-breaking, organ-pulping damage for Valentine’s Day?

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