Snippets of Footage Give First Look at Green Lantern Movie


Ryan Reynolds dons his CGI mask and takes to the skies in a teaser for Green Lantern’s cinematic debut.

Green Lantern is the Iron Man of the DC Universe. Not in terms of powers, but rather, how well known the character is. He’s turned up in enough cartoons, videogames and other media that you’ve probably heard the name but he’s not even close to being in the same leagues as the likes of Batman or Spider-Man.

But that’s likely to change next year with the release of a big-budget Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role. Information about the movie has trickled out over the last few months, including a reveal of the movie’s costume – which will be entirely CGI – on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but now fans get a chance to see the whole thing in motion. Ahead of a bigger reveal on Tuesday, Entertainment Tonight has shown a few snippets of footage from the movie, giving fans their first proper look of what lies in store next June.

There’s a short scene showing Reynolds donning the costume, seemingly with a thought, as well as him using his powers to battle some thugs in an alleyway. Fans of the comic books will also spot Kilowog – the big, pink alien thing – towards the end of the clip. It’s hard to make any kind of judgment about the movie based on such a small amount of footage, but what little there is looks a little unpolished. It might be that the Green Lantern powers don’t translate well to a live action film, or – and this is probably more likely – it could be that Entertainment Tonight picked the footage it showed for reasons other than wowing comic book fans. Either way, we’ll know more on Tuesday.

Green Lantern lands in theaters on June 17th.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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