SNK Confirms Neo Geo Titles on Wii Virtual Console


Retro-gaming fans who own Nintendo Wii systems will be pleased to hear that Ben Herman, president of SNK Playmore America, confirmed today that Neo Geo titles will begin appearing on the Wii virtual console sometime this summer.

SNK Playmore USA announced today that it will be supporting the Nintendo Wii virtual console with downloadable Neo Geo games, and that titles would also be appearing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 online services in the future.

Speaking in an interview with IGN, SNK Playmore USA President Ben Herman said that while discussions were underway with Microsoft and Sony about providing content to their consoles, Nintendo had actually approached SNK to seek access to the Neo Geo library on the Wii virtual console, to complement their selection of Geneis and TurboGrafx titles.

Herman said that controls would be imposed on how and when titles are released. “We don’t want it to be sporadic with one game here, and two or three over the next few months,” he said. “We really want to have a flow where there are a couple of games available each month, and we’ll keep adding to the library that way.”

With 120 Neo Geo titles to choose from, Herman indicated that SNK would be sticking with retro titles for now, rather than putting efforts toward developing new content. He also said that while the company would continue to develop arcade hardware internationally, SNK America was focused exclusively on software for home consoles.

Releases are expected to begin sometime during “mid-summer of this year,” and will be available worldwide, occurring in all regions simultaneously. The price per title is expected to be “a little over” $8.00, or 800 Wii Points.

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