Snow is a Free-to-Play Open World Winter Sports Game


Snow is now available via Steam’s early access program.

Snow has just appeared on Steam via its “early access” program, and it looks to be like a skiing/snowboarding fan’s wet dream. Rather than the traditional “racing-game-on-skis” that most winter sports games like SSX are, Snow promises to be an open world free-to-play affair, letting players tackle the mountain in whatever way they see fit.

Snow is currently in development by a small team of independent developers from Sweden. We are constantly working on the game to add new features, tweak existing features, and fix bugs. Our development is supported by you, our users, playing the game and providing us feedback through our discussion boards.”

In Snow, players can freely explore a massive mountain environment on skis or snowboard – alone or with friends. Players may also take part in solo or multiplayer events and challenges and customize their character with over a dozen real world branded products.

People who ski or snowboard IRL will tell you the real thrill of the sport is going off-piste, finding a trail through the trees, or hitting up some pristine back country, and Snow looks like it satisfies that exploration itch. The game also looks absolutely gorgeous, and is sure to keep snow fans occupied during that long wait between seasons.

While the game will be free-to-play when it officially launches, to participate in the early access alpha, you’ll have to purchase a “starter pack” for $14.99.

Source: Steam

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