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Become a master detective and bring in every suspect with these Battlefield Hardline collectible locations, showing amateur sleuths where to find evidence and warrant suspects throughout the singleplayer story.

Traveling from Miami to L.A. and back again, Battlefield Hardline takes a slightly different tact in it’s solo campaign. Instead of pitting the player against an invading army, you’re forced to deal with criminals and evil corporations involved in a vast conspiracy. Along the way there are tons of elucidating pieces of evidence to discover with the new scanner tool.

As a cop, you’re also allowed to arrest suspects. During each episode, you’ll find certain enemies have warrants out for their arrest. Instead of shooting through every group of enemies, you’ll have the option to arrest targets and collect a reward for your trouble. See where to make arrests and grab evidence in our complete collectibles guide below.

All Warrants & Evidence Collectibles – Locations Guide

Note: Certain enemies have warrants out for arrest. They can be spotted with the scanner. Make sure to arrest, not kill, these particular criminals.

For help locating case files, bring up the scanner and look in the top left corner. There’s an arrow pointing the player towards the closest piece of evidence with a number indicating your distance.

Use the scanner while searching the locations listed here to make finding these collectibles much easier.

Episode 1: Back to School – Collectible Locations

Warrant #1: School – Scan the group of criminals that arrive outside the school in a car. One of them is your warrant target. Moving downstairs, you’ll find this white bald male standing in a set of double doors with his back turned to you. It’s part of the tutorial so you can’t miss him.

Evidence #1: School – Entering a room after a fire fight in the school interior, you’ll get an objective to investigate for evidence. Bring up the scanner and hold the interact button to scan the green document on the desk.

Evidence #2: School – The next piece of evidence is on the kitchen counter with the printer, to the right of the sink and fridge.

Evidence #3: School – Check the smaller room through an open door in the left corner. There’s a cardboard box on a round table inside full of evidence.

Episode 2: Checking Out – Collectible Locations

Evidence #1: Laundy – The first pieces of evidence in this chapter are found in a large room with unaware enemies. Clear the area then check the massive industrial laundry machines. On the ground, there’s a small cardboard box with an open top next to the first set of machines as you step off the stairs.

Evidence #2: Laundy – In the same room, scan the hanging Hawaiian shirt on the metal shelves behind the machines.

Evidence #3: Laundy – Enter the break room up the steps. There are lockers next to the entrance door. Look on the table in the center.

Warrant #1: Lobby – Close to the end of the episode, you’ll enter the building’s lobby. The area is full of armed guards — scan the men near the lobby entrance to spot the first warrant.

Evidence #4: Lobby – In the same lobby, look for an unlocked door near the elevators. Inside the small office, there’s a desk with a computer. This is the room behind the front desk.

Evidence #5: Lobby – From the office, go through the door to the left and check out the area behind the front desk. Scan the object on the photocopier.

Evidence #6: Lobby – The last piece of evidence is located on Javier’s body. Arrest him and search his body to get the vial.

Warrant #2: Lobby – Once the lobby is clear, you’ll get a cutscene along with a new group of criminals. Scan the reinforcements to spot Volker and capture him alive to complete the warrant. Usually, he walks into the lounge area to the left of the entrance.

Episode 3: Gator Bait – Collectible Locations

Warrant #1: Nature Reserve – After acquiring the zip-line launcher, you’ll drop down into an area where three guards are protecting a boat house. Scan the three criminals – one of them is your warrant target.

Evidence #1: Nature Reserve – Once the warrant is captured, scan the ground where you found the three waiting guards. There’s a pile of cocaine you can investigate.

Evidence #2: Nature Reserve – To the right of the cocaine, there’s a small dock with an airboat. Scan the barrel to the side of the dock.

Evidence #3: Huts – This one can be tricky. Board the airboat and turn left. Through the swamp, there’s a wide-open stretch of water leading to a number of rickety structures. From there, turn right to spot another dock that is completely optional. On this tiny island, there’s a barrel in the mud with a number printed on the side.

Evidence #4: Lake – From the hut, head right from the dock until you encounter another dock with a shabby wooden watch tower. Use the grappling hook to scale the tower. Scan the kilo of cocaine on the table.

Evidence #5: Lake – Opposite this tower, there’s a second taller watch tower. Turn around and head to the far side of the lake map to spot this watch post. Use the hook to climb up, then create a zip-line to a smaller tower across the water. Scan the map once you’ve landed.

Warrant #2: Saw Mill – The warrant target patrols up and down the main road next to the metal warehouse with a large sign on the roof.

Evidence #6: Saw Mill – At the saw mill, scan the airboat waiting at the dock.

Evidence #7: Saw Mill – Search a small shed across from the large warehouse with a sign on the roof. It should be near the saw mill warrant target’s patrol route.

Evidence #8: Saw Mill – Between the metal warehouse and a stack of overgrown shipping containers are several log piles. On one of these piles, there’s a note stuck into the log with a knife.

Evidence #9: Saw Mill – Break into the office in the shipping container. It’s right on the desk with the two computer monitors. This is a required location and the collectible can be grabbed after a short cutscene.

Warrant #3: Gator Farm – The last warrant target and evidence collectibles are found in the gator farm area. Along the wooden docks, you should spot six or so guards meeting before they split up. Scan the leader while he’s talking to the group — that’s the warrant suspect.

Evidence #10: Gator Farm – Enter the metal building marked “Supplies” and search the floor to spot a pair of dirty discarded boots.

Evidence #11: Gator Farm – Check the gator pens in the center of the area. There’s a dead alligator you can scan in for evidence.

Evidence #12: Gator Farm – Arrest Thomas Bell, the warrant target in this area, and search his body to collect the last piece of evidence.

Episode 4: Case Closed Collectible Locations

Evidence #1: Crime Scene – Just as the episode starts, the player is tasked with investigating Neltz’s warehouse. First, scan the barrels to the left of the “Exit” door.

Evidence #2: Crime Scene – Go to the small side-room to the right of the “Exit” sign. Inside is a bag next to the “1” evidence marker.

Evidence #3: Crime Scene – Travel up to the office on the third floor. Enter the hallway from the first room, turn right and enter the first/second door on your left, depending on where you started. The evidence is in the trash can.

Evidence #4: Crime Scene – Enter the first door on your right in the offices and look in the left corner. There’s a strange stuffed thing you can scan.

Evidence #5: Crime Scene – Finally, travel into the large office on the fourth floor. Scan the card on the wooden desk in the center.

Warrant #1: Outside Warehouse – Leaving the warehouse, you’ll appear on a rooftop with a view of the warehouse. Scan behind the main gates where two men are standing near an alarm box. One of them is the warrant suspect to arrest.

Evidence #6: Warehouse – Once the player cracks open the door with a crowbar and enters the warehouse, you’ll start in an office overlooking the main floor below. Scan the poster beneath the weapon box.

Evidence #7: Warehouse – From the office windows, look down into the main floor. There are two standing guards talking to each other — between them is another object you can scan.

Evidence #8: Warehouse – Go downstairs and enter an office directly above the warehouse entrance. The first piece of evidence is on a bookshelf to the right of a water cooler.

Evidence #9: Warehouse – The next evidence is on the large desk, near one of the computer monitors.

Evidence #10: Grow Operation – Just as you enter the operation area, you should spot a guard waiting around some monitors. Turn right from the open doorway and scan the boxes in the back along the wall.

Warrant #2: Outside Mall – Arriving at the parking garage, you’ll have a good view of the mall entrance. Look through the windows and scan one of the guards closest to the garage. He crosses the street and waits beside the mall entrance doors.

Warrant #3: Mall – Inside the mall itself, one of the warrants is in the large area where you can instigate the first major gun battle. He’s in the far end on the bottom floor, usually waiting with two other henchmen.

Warrant #4: Mall – The last suspect is in a round atrium room with neon palm trees. After breaking open the door with a crowbar, scan the guard on the lower floor to the left of the center cafe.

Episode 6: Out of Business – Collectible Locations

Evidence #1: Dealership – Break open the front door of the dealership with the crowbar, then check out the second desk to the left for a clue.

Evidence #2: Dealership – The second piece of evidence is in the dealership’s back office. Enter the room with your ally, then go to the desk with the objective computer. The collectible is on the desk.

Warrant #1: Scrapyard – Moving on to the scrapyard, look through the warehouse windows to spot Ji-hun waiting outside the garage bay.

Warrant #2: Scrapyard – In the same area, circle around behind the garage to spot Mun. If you try to capture Ji-hun and start a shootout, it’s easy to miss James Mun.

Warrant #3: Scrapyard – After arresting the first two suspects, continue into the next garage building. There’s an office over-looking the main floor — use it to get a look at the guards below. Kwok is standing to the right of the raised truck.

Evidence #3: Scrapyard – Search the warrant suspect’s body after arresting him to grab a piece of evidence.

Evidence #4: Scrapyard – Continue past the garage with the first two warrant arrests, and enter a second garage with a car on hydraulic lifts. There’s a bag on a table to the left of the garage door.

Evidence #5: Scrapyard – There’s a remote detonator on one of the black tables in the center of the larger garage where you can arrest the warrant suspect named Kwok.

Evidence #6: Scrapyard – In this same building, look in the back left corner on the main floor for a table with a boombox. Next to it is a pile of evidence ripe for the scanning.

Evidence #8: Body Shop – Just as you enter the interior of the body shop, look under the front bumper of the white car.

Evidence #9: Body Shop – Right of the bomb car, search under the stairs for a crate containing extra boxes to scan.

Evidence #10: Body Shop – To the left of the entrance garage door, check out the desks in the side office to grab a photograph.

Episode 7: Glass Houses – Collectible Locations

Warrant #1: Mansion – Following the cutscene on the top floor of the mansion, you’ll gain access to this warrant suspect. Go downstairs and arrest the two men sitting on the couch. Search him to gain a safe combination that’s required for later.

Evidence #1: Mansion – Starting in the garage, check out the side of a white van. There’s a torn label to scan into evidence.

Evidence #2: Mansion – Leaving the garage and stepping out into the main area of the mansion, turn left and enter the small office with narrow windows. The evidence is located on the desk.

Evidence #3: Mansion – Go to the gym. Clear the room, then look on the right wall near the entrance way. There’s a secret panel — interact with it to reveal a switch. Open the secret room then scan the pictures on the board to the left.

Evidence #4: Mansion – The last piece of evidence is collected when searching the arrested warrant suspect. Make sure you don’t miss him.

Warrant #2: Terraces – Outside the mansion, you’ll find the second warrant target waiting in the tennis court.

Evidence #5: Terraces – Inside the firing range further down, scan the silencer box in one of the shooting positions.

Evidence #6: Terraces – Check the supply room table with the body armor nearby while you’re in the firing range.

Evidence #7: Terraces – Don’t miss an ammo box sitting in one of the left-most shooting ports in the firing range area.

Evidence #8: Terraces – Run to the green house in the terraces, located up the steps from the tennis court. Left of the entrance, there’s an open supply closet with a suspicious canister.

Evidence #9: Sanctum Sanctorum – The last piece of evidence requires the safe combination from the first warrant suspect. Make sure you collected that, then use the small safe to the left of the bed. Open it, then scan the papers inside.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land – Collectible Locations

Warrant #1: Trailer Park – The first suspect is visible before you even get your gear. He patrols around the interior of the trailer park area, so scan everyone from your vantage before sneaking in to make the arrest.

Evidence #1: Trailer Park – After arresting the warrant suspect, search his body to grab the first piece of evidence.

Evidence #2: Trailer Park – Next, search the trailer with the radio tower and satellites on the rooftop. There’s a blueprint to scan inside.

Evidence #3: Trailer Park – Sneak into the interior of the park, then look for a trailer with a drug lab and piles of cocaine bricks. Scan the drug lab itself.

Evidence #4: Trailer Park – At the center of the park, search for a trailer sitting on the roof of another rundown trailer. Climb a ladder and check inside the second floor. There’s a torture area you can scan inside.

Evidence #5: Trailer Park – In the next room over from the torture chair there’s an end table with a lamp and boom box. The evidence is nestled in between.

Evidence #6: Trailer Park – The last evidence is in the corner of the park across from the torture trailer. Enter the plain trailer and check out the table surface to grab a dossier.

Evidence #7: Gas Station – Following a combat sequence, you’ll need to escape to the air field. Before you do, circle around to a fenced-in area with a ruined sedan. Scan the license plate on the back.

Evidence #8: Gas Station – Across the street from the gas station there’s a burnt husk of a building. To the left of that structure is a shallow grave marked with a shovel.

Evidence #9: Airfield – Entering the airfield’s closed hangar, look in the left corner where there’s a light shining. Analyze the object covered in hand prints to get the last evidence in this episode.

Episode 9: Independence Day – Collectible Locations

Warrant #1: Lobby – Use the scanner and watch for a guard patrolling in the lobby of the security firm building. He’s usually around the central desk.

Evidence #1: Plaza – Before entering the lobby, head around the building and check out the alley. There are two heavily armored thugs standing between a truck and a couple of dumpsters. Scan the box near the dumpsters to collect the first evidence of the episode.

Evidence #2: Lobby – If you enter through the back door of the building, it’s easy to get the drop on a guard waiting in a security office. Arrest / shoot him, then scan the evidence on the desk beneath the monitor bank.

Warrant #2: Offices – Once you reach the 20th floor offices area, use the windows to monitor the patrolling guards in the 19th floor below. The second warrant suspect is in the back of the cubicle farm.

Evidence #3: Offices – Riding the elevator up to the 20th floor offices, it’s possible to start collecting evidence before giving the explosives to Tyson. Enter the corner-right office and scan the documents on the desk.

Evidence #4: Offices – Next, checkout the meeting room in the back left corner and scan the white board. This is also on the 20th floor.

Evidence #5: Offices – Arrest the warrant suspect mentioned above and search him to get another piece of evidence.

Evidence #6: Offices – Going up to a much larger office, scan the computer monitor upstairs to see an incriminating e-mail. This is the office with the private elevator.

Evidence #7: Offices – Directly to the right of the private elevator is a photograph to analyze and scan into evidence.

Evidence #8: Penthouse – Go to the second floor of the penthouse and search for a side bedroom in the corner of the building. There’s a photo on the nightstand.

Evidence #9: Penthouse – Inside the vault room, don’t miss the laptop on the office desk.

Episode 10: Legacy – Collectible Locations

Warrant #1: Roadblock – Move up to the huts guarded by a swarm of mercenaries. The suspect is standing in the center of the area as you arrive, but walks off to patrol before too long.

Evidence #1: Roadblock – Within this area, there’s a hut with a reception desk and a fax machine. Scan the paper sticking out of the fax.

Warrant #2: Cabanas – Taking the road left of the Plant, you can reach the Cabanas zone. Look down from the tower and scan the guards on the circular platform at the center of the round pool.

Evidence #2: Cabanas – In the same area as the second warrant suspect, look for three floating huts with a single bridge leading to them. Cross the walkway and enter the interior on the right. There’s a shelf behind the bar with your evidence.

Warrant #3: Utility Complex – Follow the signs to the Services Plant and you should spot the last warrant suspect patrolling near a massive explosive container.

Evidence #3: Utility Complex – Still inside the Services Plant, pass through the larger plant with the yellow power boxes. The next building is an office. Go inside through the entrance with the out-houses and scan the desk to the left of the door.

Evidence #4: Dawe’s Mansion – Move down to the pool and equip a grappling hook. You should see a slight sheen on the rooftop’s edge. Cross the ceiling and enter the wood structure through the double glass doors. The last piece of evidence is located on a red coffee table.

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