Solve ‘The Perfect Crime’ in Batman: Arkham Knight

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Bring a disturbing killer to justice in Arkham Knight with these body locations, giving Batman all the clues you’ll need to solve ‘The Perfect Crime’ side mission.

After Scarecrow’s deadly attack on Gotham, the evacuated city streets are populated by the worst criminals Batman’s hometown has to offer. When you’re not dealing with the Arkham Knight’s killer drone army there’s a serial killer on the prowl. This relatively recent addition to Batman’s infamous Rogue’s Gallery makes his presence known, including a creepy boss battle that completes a thoroughly distressing quest line. Learn where to find every body with the map coordinates below.

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‘The Perfect Crime’ Body Locations Guide

Early in Batman’s Arkham Knight career, the GCPD clues him in to a strange ritual murder. There are multiple bodies hanging from tall structures scattered around central Gotham’s three main islands.

To complete this side mission, Batman needs Batmobile access to all three islands. Founders’ Island becomes available late in main mission progress.

Murder Locations

Travel to the map coordinates below to find each body location. Listen for opera music and use Detective Vision to find the exact location.

  • Body #1: Bleake Island – X:1537, Y:3297
  • Body #2: Bleake Island – X:2001, Y:2470
  • Body #3: Miagani Island – X:2822, Y:2454
  • Body #4: Miagani Island – X:3095, Y:1865
  • Body #5: Founders’ Island – X:1945, Y:1594
  • Body #6: Founders’ Island – X:1962, Y:1593

Once all six bodies are discovered and the investigations are complete, the serial killer’s location is marked on your map.

Batman must be able to bring the Batmobile to Founders’ Island to complete this side mission.

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

The Monster Machine (Bronze / 20 points):
Track down and apprehend the serial killer.

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